About Us

Summerfield Farms LLC. is located in Hanford California in the Central Valley. Summerfield Farms is owned by Paul and Vicki Stanfield and operated by the Stanfield family. Summerfield Farms specializes in growing walnuts and we are uniquely equipped to handle each stage of walnut production; from planting and orchard management to harvesting, hulling and dehydrating. We are proud to offer our customers the convenience of utilizing our 25 years of experience and full range of orchard management, crop production, and harvest services. We are proud to produce high quality California walnuts and are dedicated to helping our customers do the same. 

Mission Statement

We aspire to produce the best quality Californa walnuts; utilizing the most effective farming practices all while promoting the safety of our work enviroment and the food we grow as well as the wellbeing and sustainability of the environment in which we farm.

Furthermore we aim to provide the same quality of work we expect of ourselves for each of our customers no matter the job.

We are proud to grow healthy walnuts for healthier lives.

Core Values

Integrity – We make decisions based on what is right and endeavor to be open and honest in all our dealings.

Respect – We believe all people are equally worthy of respect and we foster a work environment of respect and dignity.

Excellence – We seek excellence in all we do and are committed to accomplishing our work correctly the first time.

Efficiency – We strive to work effectively and sustainably and are committed to constantly learning to improve our operations.

Safety – We are comitted to minimizing risk to our employees, customers, and consumers; and the proactive management of all safety factors.

Productivity – We are committed to producing a high quality, high yield walnut crop both for Summerfield Farms and our customers.

Family – We work to maintain the unique blessing of working with and for family.

Faith – We seek to be good stewards, remain cheeful and full of thanks,  and hold steadfastly to the love of Christ.